Did you know that Abraham Lincoln filed bankruptcy? He turned out just fine. So will you.

The stress of financial problems can be overwhelming and just facing the issue can be downright scary. But you can end the stress with a one phone call. Here at Taggart Law you will learn why bankruptcy, for many people, is not a failure but a smart financial strategy and a genuine fresh start. As a matter of fact, the two things that almost all my clients say when their case is over are:

“Wow, that wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought”; and
“I wish I would have done that a lot sooner.”

This is because bankruptcy simply isn’t as bad as most people fear. First, most people are able to keep most or all of their assets including cars and your home. And, did you know that you can easily get your credit back to the 700s within two years from your filing date? Or, that you can qualify for a car loan the day after you file? And for an FHA home loan as soon as one year after you file? That is useful to remember if your credit already is damaged.

With offices in Denver and in the Vail Valley, we have helped over a thousand people obtain a fresh start in life and, free from the stress and burden of debt, have seen them go on to attain great things.

If you are on this site, you have taken an important step but avoid the temptation to procrastinate. It’s time to tackle your issues. We offer free consultations and we promise you will feel better about your situation afterwards. If bankruptcy is the right way to improve your life you will get an honest explanation from us.

Choosing the right bankruptcy attorney is a critical but difficult decision. We believe a good bankruptcy attorney has three basic but key attributes.

  1. Experience in all phases of bankruptcy and business; He or she will be able to strategize around all kinds of issues.
  2. Compassion and the ability to treat you like a person (not a number) and who understands this is a very difficult process for you;
  3. Results and a track record of happy clients and proven value.

You get that combination at Taggart Law Offices. Managing attorney Ted Taggart, who has an MBA in Finance, has worked as an investment banker and collections attorney, has helped over 1,000 people all over the state. With a firm set of promises made to each and every client, Taggart Law prides itself on helping the little guy and the underdog with compassion and understanding. That is one reason we perform a few pro bono cases each year and offer military and senior discounts.

And our results speak for themselves... Check out our google reviews (lots of 5 stars) testimonials and success stories. We have saved our clients hundreds of thousands of dollars with our advice and strategy. And all for very reasonable fees and payment plans. We can compete with anyone on price but not everyone can compete with us on quality.

Click here for some reasons to hire Taggart Law Offices if you are considering Bankruptcy include.

  • Reasonable fees, Payment Plans and Low Retainers...we can compete with anyone on price but not everyone can compete with us on quality.
  • Experienced Attorney Level Attention on every stage of your case...we don’t pawn off key elements to young, inexperienced attorneys.
  • A compassionate and understanding approach...I know this is hard and I am not here to judge. I am here to help and that includes showing you why this is the right thing to do.
  • Real world financial and business experience...With an MBA in Finance from a top program and years of investment banking experience, lead attorney Ted Taggart brings a combination of legal and financial insight that you won’t find at other firms.
  • Unique Program to file your case for as little as $499...For those who qualify, you want find a better deal in the state. Call for details on this program
  • Extensive Experience in Chapter 13s...we know how to minimize your plan payments or perhaps qualify you for a Chapter 7even if you are over the means test.
  • Offices in Denver and Avon...we can serve the entire state, even small towns...
  • Debt Collections Experience...we know their playbook to save you time and money
  • Expertise in Business Bankruptcy Issues: We know how to value businesses and protect them in a bankruptcy
  • Select Pro Bono a select cases, (usually affecting the elderly and children) I may take your case free of charge. Call to inquire. If you cant qualify, you may qualify for reduced rates
  • Military and Senior discounts. I offer a 10% discount on all active and retired military personnel and if your sole source of income is social security I offer a 20% senior discount.
  • Results: Check out my testimonial page. It speaks for itself.

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Is Bankruptcy Right for You? If you are on this page, it’s time to talk. We Can Help You Decide. Bankruptcy shouldn’t be an emotional decision. It should be a practical, business decision. And don’t forget, we can compete with anyone on price but not everyone can compete with us on quality.