Debt Settlement

As a Colorado bankruptcy attorney, Ted Taggart and the staff at our law offices are committed to providing you with the best financial resolutions available for your particular financial situation.

Far too many bankruptcy law firms simply earn fees by unnecessarily pushing consumers into filing for bankruptcy. At the Taggart Law Offices, we are committed to providing a full range of legal options, from bankruptcy to debt settlement alternatives.

Of paramount concern to the consumer when considering debt settlement, must be the reputation and effectiveness of the company with which they are doing business. Debt settlement has a well-earned bad reputation, precisely because of the inexperienced, ineffective, and downright unethical companies that charge high fees, accomplish little and leave consumers worse off than they were when they set about trying to solve their financial problems.

Bankruptcy and Debt Settlement Services in Denver

Let’s be clear. Bankruptcy laws are powerful tools for consumers. And in many cases, consumers wait so long to address debt issues that bankruptcy is the best option. But there are times when debt settlement can alleviate the need for a consumer to enter bankruptcy protection.

At the Taggart Law Offices, we are committed to providing you all of the options:

  • As experienced attorneys, we may be more successful in negotiating with banks, hospitals or credit card companies on your behalf.
  • The specter of bankruptcy is often a powerful tool that forces banks and hospitals to the negotiating table.
  • If debt settlement is not an option, or is not successful, we are prepared to immediately assist you with a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing.
  • We can assist in dealing with bad mortgage debt and home-loan modification.
  • With a Masters degree of Business Administration in Finance, Attorney Taggart has the knowledge and experience to assist clients in determining the best course of action for their given financial situation.

Beware Colorado Debt Settlement Provided by Non-Attorney

The Colorado Attorney General has reported that little more than 10 percent of consumer who enroll in debt-settlement programs have their debts settled within 3 years. Debt settlement plans can also reduce credit scores by more than 100 points, similar to the impact of a bankruptcy filing.

And despite rules passed in recent years by the Federal Trade Commission, which are meant to protect the public from unscrupulous companies, some debt-settlement organizations may charge large upfront fees. And even reputable companies may charge fees of up to 20 percent of granted debt reductions.

For consumers already struggling with debt, sticking with structured repayment plans can be difficult or impossible. Trusting a reputable law firm to discuss your options and determine the best course of action offers you the best chance at a new financial beginning.

If you are struggle with debt and are considering debt settlement or bankruptcy in Denver, Vail or elsewhere in Colorado, contact the Taggart Law Offices today for a free consultation. Serving Denver, Avon, Aurora, Westminster, Boulder and the surrounding areas.