Firm Overview

A Different Kind of Bankruptcy Law Firm

A Track record of compassion, honesty and experience that gets results and saves you money!

Hiring the right attorney here in Denver, in Vail Valley or Summit County is a critical decision. You want someone who knows how to get the job done right and who will treat you with respect through some difficult times.

As an A+ member the Better Business Bureau you know Taggart Law will go the extra mile to help stop creditor harassment and garnishments and has a proven track record of helping thousands of people get a fresh start from their financial issues.

What makes us unique? Many things make Taggart Law stand out from the pack.

  • We have real world financial expertise. With a Masters in Business Administration in Finance from a top program and years of investment banking experience, lead attorney Ted Taggart brings a combination of legal and financial insight that you won’t find at other firms. Virtually, no bankruptcy firm offers this level of financial expertise and analysis. We will help you decide not only what you can do, but what you should do; help you lay out your financial goals and help develop the best strategies to get there through the bankruptcy code.
  • We are not a bankruptcy mill. Unfortunately, many bankruptcy attorneys run high volume shops, leaving the attention you need to paralegals and inexperienced attorneys. At our firm, you will work directly with a highly experienced attorney at every level of your case, and we will provide detailed advice.
  • Experience: Experience matters…a lot. And I see inexperience all the time as new, inexperienced attorneys, attracted by growing demand thanks to our struggling economy, attempt to open bankruptcy practices. Inexperience can cost you. I have helped thousands of people in Colorado. I can help you, too. Check out my testimonials.
  • Real world business experience and knowledge. If a business is part of your bankruptcy equation, you need someone who understands business, can read a profit and loss statement, comprehends a balance sheet and can ask all the right questions. We can also use a business experience to get you into a Chapter 7 or use the Bankruptcy process as part of an overall business strategy.
  • Legal Collections Experience/Knowledge of Fair Debt Collections Act: If you have received a court summons or a writ of garnishment from a Colorado Law Firm, I can use our knowledge of the legal collections process and business to buy you time and get the creditors off your back. In short, I know the game from their point of view and use that knowledge to your advantage and prevent wage and bank garnishments. I usually can even get some of it back.
  • Most bankruptcy attorneys do one thing: Bankruptcies. We offer a full range of debt relief services, including professional debt settlement negotiations. Because we offer a variety of options, and we don’t have an agenda, we will be able to develop a custom-tailored solution to your debt problems.
  • I will develop a customized strategy to save you money: Some attorneys and bankruptcy preparers do little more than input data and take little time to develop a strategy that can save you money and aggravation. I will. And this can result in a huge difference. And each case is different.
  • Very Competitive Fees: We do all of this at competitive rates with flexible payment plans. We understand most people considering bankruptcy don’t have wads of cash lying around. That is why we offer very low retainers. In certain circumstances, the retainer is $0.0. Our rates are often less or about the same as the bankruptcy mills that lack our dedication to personal service.
  • The ability to tackle complex issues: Not all bankruptcy cases are created equal. If you have complex issue such as an ongoing business, recent sales of property, impending divorce or separation, a non-filing spouse, sizeable equity in your home or car, or a recent move from another state, you need someone who has been there, done that. I have.
  • Knowing how to get you into Chapter 7 even if you are over the means test. Just because you are over the means test does not mean you are automatically a costly Chapter 13….you might be a Chapter 7 after all and I have an excellent track record of getting people into Chapter 7s when they over the means test.
  • Expertise in Chapter 13s. I can get your case confirmed, I know how to fight to lower your payments and I know how to modify or lower your payments after confirmation, if your circumstances change.

Our expertise and compassion are evident in many other ways: Taggart Law is

  • An A+ rated member of the Better Business Bureau
  • A member of the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys
  • A charter member and a Director of the newly formed Colorado Consumer Bankruptcy Association
  • Performs several pro bono (free for special situations) cases per year
  • Has appeared several times on Colorado’s Best on Channel 2 discussing bankruptcy issues as well as on Channel 9 and in the Denver Post on bankruptcy issues
  • Offers military and senior discounts
  • Taggart Law was one of the first attorneys in Colorado to successfully discharge a joint filing for a same-sex couple.
  • Taggart Law has an excellent track record of success and a long list of testimonials

To learn more about what makes our firm different at a free initial consultation with an experienced lawyer, call us at 303-539-5429 or contact us online.

BAPCPA disclosure: This is a federally designated debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy under the Bankruptcy Code.